President recommends 1% pay raise in 2014 for federal civilian employees and military personnel

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

President Obama last week notified Congress that he has determined that federal civilian employees should receive a 1 percent across-the-board pay raise in 2014. In April, the president included a 1 percent civilian pay raise in his FY2014 budget request.

In reaffirming his support for a 1 percent pay raise the president noted that “civilian employees have already made significant sacrifices as a result of a three-year pay freeze.” Federal civilian pay has been frozen since 2010.

In the same letter, the president froze locality pay for federal civilian workers at the 2013 levels.

In separate letter, the president determined that members of the uniformed services should also receive a 1 percent pay raise in 2014. The president had proposed a 1 percent 2014 military pay raise in his FY2014 budget request.

Each year the president is required under Title 5, section 5304a, U.S.C. to present an alternative pay plan for across-the-board pay and locality pay adjustments. Unless Congress acts the president’s alternative proposal would automatically go into effect.

To date, Congress has shown mixed support for a civilian pay raise.  The full Senate has not yet passed a FY2014 appropriations bill, but the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) included funding for a 1 percent civilian pay raise in its markup of the FY2014 DoD Appropriations bill. However, the House has expressed no support for the civilian pay raise. The four FY2014 Appropriations bills passed in the House so far (Military Construction/VA, Homeland Security, Energy & Water, and Defense) have excluded funding for a civilian pay raise. 

The military pay raise for 2014 will most likely be at least 1 percent. The House-passed FY2014 Defense Authorization bill provides a 1.8 percent military pay raise while the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) include a 1 percent military pay raise in its markup of the bill.  

10 Responses to “President recommends 1% pay raise in 2014 for federal civilian employees and military personnel”

  • Joe G says:

    After three years of pay erosion the congress is fighting over whether to give us a lousy one percent?

  • Charles Davis says:

    My family has suffered these last 3 years with no pay raises. My wife was laid off her job approximately three years ago and my pay was frozen. I adjusted understanding that we as a nation were in a financial crisis. But as the years have gone on and our politicians telling us that our economy is turning to the upside, why are federal employees still suffering with no adjusted pay increases. My wife found a job after being unable to find work for. 1 1/2 years, this put us behind many of our bills, we are still trying to catch up. Like the recent furloughs, it seems that your average blue collar worker suffers for whatever the political agenda is during re-elections. Lets start working on agendas that are for the good of the people

  • Patman Blue says:

    Can “We the people” who put these morons in office regulate their salaries? If the answer is NO….then I ask Why Not? These “many-bloodsuckers” (poli-tics) reign with impunity, are licentious, and care nothing about the common people. I think regualr everday working stiffs can run this country better than these “professionals”. Just my opinion and reason for venting over this frustrating fiasco.

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  • Gennifer says:

    I feel after three years with no pay raise I think we have done our part. Why not freeze Congress’s pay for awhile and see how they like it.

  • This pay raise still does not adjust to the comparable outside employment in my area. They need to take a serious look at the civilian locality pay in the Charleston, SC area. I recieved a grade increase to transfer to this location, but I get paid $300 less bi-weekly. I also transfered from a location which had no state tax, to rent a decent 3br house cost around $750 per month, the area was very cheap to live. In comparison the Charleston, SC area; an average cost for a 1 bedroom apartment costs around $1000, State taxes which are taken out of my check are comparible to California, which my same grade in California makes almost $4 more per hour. The system which determines federal civilian workers pay is not accurate. I’m in a one deep position which controls all operation of the airfield and i’m not considered key employee; if I went to a contractor I would get paid $10 more per hour and the contractors actually offer decent dental plans. The only reason i’m still working for DOD is because i have so much time invested. Which at this point I’m trying to determine whether or not I will still have a pension/job by the end of our 10 year sequester. I am losing faith in our government across the board. I believe a serious audit / investigation across congress / senate / house ect. is needed for this nation to gain trust and to determine if any corruption exists. The rest of the government agencies get audited across the board, why would the same not happen for the leaders of our crumbling nation? The steps we are taking are costing more and the only portion that seems to be suffering is once again the middle-class. Pretty soon our nation will have wealthy and poor. The middle class will not exist. Then who will be pay for everything? Maybe Audit all small businesses as well as they get away with claiming to make 20K per year while they are living in $1million homes.

  • BJP says:

    We all know by now there is never any money for government employees because all our tax money is going to the presidents Affordable Care law computers, etc.

  • rick Anderson says:

    They say Obama proposed 1% raise but he also proposed a raise for civilian workforce in 2013 but that never happened so don’t hold your breath. Civilian pay has been froze since 2010. How many raises have politicians given themselves since then?

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  • Georgia P. says:

    I see that this raise is for white collar not blue collar. Congress votes on my raise ha ha ha I know we won’t be getting one again this year. Three years with out but unemployment was extended again should I just get unemployed I can sit at home and do nothing and get money there are jobs out there I don’t care what they are get off your but and get one stop sucking up benefits you don’t deserve after years of being unemployed! Change jobs change careers if you have to. I guess Congress figures if your working you are to busy to vote against them but lets keep the unemployed happy they are out of work and will go out and vote. I love my job I love working for the DOD but I love my family as well the rate of pay I make is at 2010 levels I live in CA prices of everything are sky high. I cannot afford to raise my family anymore, I am looking to change jobs to start over at 40 years of age because we are unappreciated here working for the military I and my family are done making sacrifices for the government.

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