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ASMC Textbooks

The current EDFMTC textbook (v 2013a) will continue to be sold and used in classrooms through August 31, 2018.

The new EDFMTC textbook (v 2018a) will be available for purchase on July 1, 2018, and introduced in classrooms on October 1, 2018.

A visual timeline for the availability of the new exam and course materials, as well as the new exam blueprint, is available at http://www.asmconline.org/certification/cdfm-modules/.

Textbook Prices:

  • EDFMTC Textbook with Modules 1-3                                          $110.00 Members / $120.00 Non-Members
  • Module 4 Addendum only (only available shrink-wrapped)     $ 75.00 Members / $ 85.00 Non-Members


EDFMTC Text Book Cover Art

Modules 1-3 Information

EDFM Text Book Cover Art

Modules 1-3 with Module 4 Acquisition Addendum Information

CDFM Module 4 Text Book Cover Art

Module 4 Acquisition Addendum Information

Purchasing Instructions

Order online or complete a hard-copy order form and send payment to

Attn: EDFMTC Textbook Sales
415 North Alfred St., Suite 3
Alexandria, VA  22314
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