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Catching the Wave: A PDI 2017 Retrospective

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
By Colonel Cody L. Zilhaver

Audit Readiness is Everybody's Business
By Karen Fenstermacher and Donjette L. Gilmore

A Homerun: The European Performance  Development Institute
By Captain Matthew Daniels

The Role of Competencies in the OPM Hiring Process
By Pamela J Clay

Early Careerist Initiative Coming to an ASMC Chapter Near You!
By Kyle Brown

The ASMC Pikes Peak Chapter – Early Careerist Group
By Danika S. Miller

Putting Activity Based Management to Work in Our Nations Services
By LCDR Jesse Millard

2017 Utah Regional PDI
By Douglas Miller

The Defense Financial Management Course
By Jennifer Miller

Air Force Service Day – FaMily Matters
By Peter DeHaas

Surfing the Wave: The General Session Speakers at PDI
By Michael Jucewicz

Hosting ASMC PDI 2017 in San Diego
By Brenda Meyer and Kenneth A. Suazo

Remembering a Colleague and Friend at PDI
By Virginia Pitts

Army Service Day – PDI 2017 
By LTC Gordon Heap

Coast Guard Service Day – Integration & Innovation for a Bold Future 
By LT Mark M. Sanchez

Navy Service Day – A Green Eye-Shade Perspective
By Mel Becker

Communicating for Team Success
By LtCol Sabine Peters, Atheel Mary, and Heather Kubitski

You Know FIAR? You're Hired!
By Scott W. Bauer

PDI 2017 Community Service Project – San Diego Fisher House



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