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ASMC Chapters: Contributing to the Defense Financial Management Profession

ASMC and the Early Careerists, What’s in it for Me?
by 2d Lt Joshua Johnson

Leading Change: The United States Army Financial Management Command’s Critical Role in the Army’s Drive Toward Audit Readiness
by Major General David C. Coburn and Command Sergeant Major Christopher J. Cosby

Top 3 Advantages of Mentorship in the Workplace
by Jessica Stewart and Tatum Harrison

Resurrecting the Big Country
by 2d Lt Reuben Rodriguez and SSgt Mikel Fair

Boosting Membership through Senior Level Involvement
by Jaime Shirey

You’re Sending Me WHERE for a Month?
by Carl M.Jones

Better Early Than Late
by Dan Olden and Kyle Brown

5 Foolproof Ways to Dismantle Your Chapter
by Kellye Breeden and Aaron Parker

Benefits of Hosting a Mini-PDI: One Chapter’s View
by Cheryl P. Boyd

Best Practices from the Greater Jacksonville Chapter
by Genia Ziparo, Linda Lentjes, Joan McNeish, and Beverly Hysmith

Need Presenters for Your Events? Look Around You…
by Major Sabine Peters

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