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Renew Your Membership

Thank you for your interest in renewing your membership with the ASMC. Members receive a renewal invoice by mail and email shortly before their expiration date. 

Renew Online
Please note that payments made online may take up to seven days to be fully processed.

If you have not received your initial username and password, you may use the information below for your default user information, or have your account information emailed to your address on file using the online get member information form.  

Current members have been set up with a default Login Name and Password:

  1. Login Name: Email address on file (for example: john.doe@domain.com) If we do not have an e-mail address for you, please call or e-mail the office to set up a username.
  2. Password: asmc + member number (for example: asmc1234).  If your number begins with a zero, do not use the zero.  

If the default password does not work use the Change Password feature to create a new one.

Renew by Mail or Fax

If you prefer to pay via mail or fax, you may use the invoice we mail you before your membership expires or use the printable individual Membership Application (if you have not received an invoice.) Please allow 10 days for processing.

You may also update your profile online (address, phone number, email address and other information).

We look forward to providing you with the benefits of ASMC membership. If you have any issues, concerns or input please contact us

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