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CDFM Reimbursement

Each department has reimbursement programs available based on funding.  For military, in general, please check with your local educational services office or career counselor. Civilians may contact a career field manager.  See DoD Policy on Civilian Certification


  • Air Force Reimbursement

            Air Force Civilian Reimbursement POC: usaf.pentagon.saf-fm.mbx.SAF-FMEW-Workflow@mail.mil


  • Army Reimbursement

            Army Reimbursement POC: ASA (FM&C) Proponency Office
            See Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) Memorandum on Reimbursement for
                        Financial Management Professional Credentials

  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Reimbursement

See DFAS Reimbursement Policy


  • GI Bill Reimbursement

            See GI Bill Reimbursement Policy

You can receive reimbursement for licensing and certification tests (e.g., CDFM exams) you take on or after March 1, 2001.  (MGIB-AD, VEAP & DEA beneficiaries only.)  Effective January 6, 2006 MGIB-SR & REAP participants became eligible for this program.  These tests must be specifically approved for the G.I. Bill.  VA can pay only for the cost of the tests, up to $2,000.00, and not other fees connected with obtaining a license or certification.  VA will pay for exams even if failed.  Use VA Pamphlet 22-02-1 for additional information and submission guidelines.


  • Navy Reimbursement

            See Navy Reimbursement Policy

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