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This area deals with the financial manager's knowledge of basic rules covering military and civilian pay, travel entitlements, contract pay, disbursing and debt management, communication techniques (customer relations) and internal controls in finance organizations.
Within the Department of Defense, knowledge of Finance requires a thorough understanding of current legislation, business practices and government policies and procedures governing military and civilian pay, travel, contract and vendor pay, disbursing and debt management. The effective financial manager must possess a well-grounded understanding of all of the following:

  • how to correctly determine and pay entitlements
  • how obligations are established to pay for entitlements
  • how financial transactions impact the accounting systems
  • their role as the custodian of government resources
  • how DoD disbursing officials interact with the U.S. Treasury to discharge fiduciary responsibilities
  • how emerging technologies are tangent with the way entitlements are paid and accounted for
Finally, the effective DoD financial manager must understand and integrate the roles and responsibilities of budget officers, resource managers, contracting officers, logistics and supply officials, along with DFAS personnel and activities as they relate to determining, paying accounting for entitlements.
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