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Personnel Management

This area deals with personnel management principles and practices including: problem recognition and problem solving, generally accepted organization principles and practices – to include organizations as systems and personnel principles, practices, laws and regulations. Management functions are extremely important to the financial manager. While the landscape of the Federal financial manager is populated with budgets, obligation rates, and accounting codes, it is people who do the actual work of financial management. To look at it another way, the financial manager works with a monetary resource, but a key resource he or she actually uses and must manage is people. Unlike other resources, the amount and quality of work a person produces varies and is in direct relationship to the quality of the leadership he or she receives.
Management is simply defined as the art of "getting things done through others." This certification examination will require a working knowledge of the principles of personnel management as they pertain to the military and civilian commands. This section also covers the Federal Personnel Law and regulations that all managers should be familiar with. These areas include the merit principles of personnel management, Equal Employment Opportunity, training and grievances.
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