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Manpower Management

This area deals with the financial manager's knowledge of personnel policies as they relate to resource management, manpower rules, regulations, laws, and development of manpower requirements. Manpower management, as referred to in financial management, refers primarily to processes used in estimating manpower requirements for budgetary purposes, tracking manpower and reporting manpower in a standard manner as required in OMB guidance.
This section does not reference individual Service methods and policies for manpower administration because they differ widely — from a top-down driven system used by Air Force and Army — to a less centralized, bottom-up system used by the Navy.
Minimal knowledge of this area will require demonstrating familiarity with the definition, calculation and estimation of manpower requirements using the formula for FTE (full time equivalent) and manpower reporting schedules required by the Office of Management and Budget. The financial manager should be familiar with object classes associated with pay. Familiarity with the Federal Workforce Restructuring Act of 1994 (P.I. 103-226) regarding imposition of FTE limitations and use of a government wide hiring freeze if limits are exceeded by the Executive Branch is desirable. Finally, the financial manager should be familiar with programs that will affect the manpower mix or have impact on manpower levels such as the Commercial Activities Program, Defense Reform Initiative, and high grade limitations.
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