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Management Responsibility for Internal Control

This area deals with the financial manager's knowledge of the Federal Manager's Financial Integrity Act of 1982, Comptroller General Standards for internal controls in the Federal Government and applicable Federal Government and DoD management control guidance and regulations.
Management controls, as defined by OMB Circular A-123 "Management Accountability and Control," are the organization, policies, and procedures used by agencies to reasonably ensure that programs achieve their intended results; resources are used consistent with agency mission; programs and resources are protected from waste, fraud, and mismanagement; laws and regulations are followed; and reliable and timely information is obtained, maintained, reported and used for decision making.
Management controls are much more than saving or protecting dollars. Management controls have prevented thefts of ammunition at bases by assuring the establishment of safeguards in storage areas. Management controls have saved lives by establishing safety procedures and then testing them. Management controls have prevented information break-ins to DoD automated systems by establishing better password security. Management controls touch every aspect of our professional lives.
Test Study Preparation References
Number Title Chap/Sec Study Notes
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 OMB Cir A-123  Management Accountability and Control   www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars/index.html
  GAO Standards for Internal Controls in the Federal Government   www.gao.gov<> then click on "Other Publications"
 DoDI 5010.40 Management Control (MC) Program Instructions   http://www.dtic.mil
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