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CDFM Program Enrollment

FY2012 DoD Authorization Act empowers Secretary of Defense to “prescribe professional certification and credential standards” for financial management community; CDFM certification recognized.


We commend you on your pursuit of the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) designation and your commitment to your career and associated responsibilities.

Most CDFM candidates are civilian or military members of the Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, defense agencies or employees of a defense contractor.

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll as a CDFM candidate, you must:

Note: Verification of financial management experience (VFME) is required to earn certification. The number of years required is based on education level:

  • Associate Degree or higher: 2 years of defense-related financial management or 4 years of government-related financial management
  • High School Diploma or equivalent: 3 years of defense-related financial management


Enrollment Period

You must be enrolled in the CDFM Program to take the CDFM examination modules. Each enrollment as a CDFM candidate is valid for two years.

To check your enrollment expiration date, log on to your ASMC account and click "Update Profile" in the left menu bar.


Initial Enrollment Fee

ASMC members who enroll in the CDFM Program for the first time pay $40. The non-member rate is $75.


Enroll Today

ASMC offers two convenient ways to enroll as a CDFM candidate:

  1. Enroll and pay your enrollment fee online.
  2. Print and complete the enrollment form and mail it to ASMC with payment.

As soon as you enroll, you can purchase a CDFM exam.


Enrollment Extensions

The non-refundable CDFM candidate enrollment extension fee is $75 for ASMC members and $85 for non-members.

If your initial two-year enrollment has expired and you need more time to complete the examination process, ASMC offers two convenient ways to extend your enrollment for an additional two years.  Please note that all CDFM module examinations that are passed remain valid for four (4) years from the date the exam was passed.

  1. Pay for an enrollment extension online.
  2. Print and complete the enrollment form (check the “Extension of Eligibility” box) and mail to ASMC with payment.

For additional questions about the CDFM process, please contact certification@asmconline.org.

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